Tidings Magazine

As Asbury's in-house graphic designer, I was responsible for designing the church's magazine Tidings. When I was first hired as part of the new marketing department, the magazine was done completely out of house by an outside contractor. Some of the articles had nothing to do with Asbury and didn't capture the authentic voice we were building. Despite that, the magazine was very popular with the older members of the church.

The Director of Marketing, Angie Brashears, wanted to bring the production of Tidings back to Asbury. Our team jumped in with both feet, seeking out stories from within the congregation about how God had used Asbury to change lives, events happening in the various ministries, and pastoral articles about the Christian walk. While the other members of the marketing department found writers and photographers to produce content, my job was to take Tidings' design up a notch.

The initial goal was to improve legibility and structure. Issue by issue, I iterated and tweaked the format; with a project like this, we had to introduce new ideas slowly in order not to alienate the current readership. The feedback we recieved was great, and over time, Tidings started being read by the younger congregants. We even talked to a gentleman we saw reading the magazine in an area restaurant; he didn't even go to Asbury but dropped by each month to pick up a copy.

All in all, I designed 35 issues, from September 2011 to the Fall 2015 issue. The following is a small sample of my layout work: