Puerto Rican Space Program

DJ and music producer, Lumin—who I've done multiple projects with—had the idea for a side project of his own: Puerto Rican Space Program. It was a way to express himself through experimental music that was a bit different from what he's known for.

Since we have Puerto Rican heritage and he named the project Puerto Rican Space Program, we tapped into the island's history for the album's main graphic; I call it "the Helmet." The Helmet is inspired by a number of carvings made by the Taíno Indians, the indigenous people of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican Space Program: the Helmet

Lumin had an idea for a symbol-based theme that played off of the Taíno carvings with a bit of a space feel. He sketched some ideas for symbols that represented each song which I refined in Illustrator and applied to a kind of star chart for the track listing.

Puerto Rican Space Program: Side A LabelPuerto Rican Space Program: Side B Label

While the imagery was sci-fi, he wanted the feel of the packaging to be low-fi and hands on. We had stamps produced for the front graphic and back logo. The texture the stamps provide is reminiscent of stone carvings found in Puerto Rico. Lumin applied the stamps to each copy of the album cover along with a die-cut transparent sticker of the track list.

Puerto Rican Space Program: Front CoverPuerto Rican Space Program: Back Cover

From start to finish, this album was a labor of love. You can pick up your own copy here.