Monarch Landscape Architecture

As an experienced landscape architect, Shea Hansen set her sights on large-scale projects related to transportation and community development. Her goal with Monarch Landscape Architecture is to merge natural and built environments, respecting the needs of people and nature.

In addition to being a landscape architect, Shea is also an artist. She had specific ideas and input on what she wanted to see in Monarch's logo. The logo needed to represent the joining of organic and man-made, and she wanted a strong "M" that could stand alone and as part of the entire word "Monarch."

The natural and man-made idea was important, but I also felt that the mark should represent the aspects of Shea's femininity and strength as well. I initially went down the path of a crown metaphor for "monarch," but it didn't ring true to Shea. She was more drawn to the butterfly direction of my rough ideas. I hit upon a vertically split M that fulfilled the goals of the logo. While I don't usually integrate the "icon" with the word, I feel I found a way to accomplish the task in a way that pleased us both.

Monarch Landscape Architecture LogoMonarch Landscape Architecture Icon