Lumin: Hothead

For his debut album, Hothead, Lumin wanted to take the listener on a journey from chaos and anger to calm and peace. As a producer, dj, and artist, he had very specific thoughts about what aspects he wanted displayed on the cover. We had a lot of back-and-forth, tried out a few ideas—a few of which were overly complex—and landed on the concept of concealing anger behind a calm exterior. Since the subject was so personal, I illustrated Lumin's face with a tear-away of what was underneath. This worked from a conceptual standpoint and from a marketing one—Lumin's face on the cover worked well even at small sizes in his online posts to promote Hothead.

The album was well received and garnered more attention due to Lumin's decision to make a limited number of cassette versions of Hothead available. The existing artwork was modified for this new application, and 100 copies of the tape were produced.

Hothead Tape FrontHothead Tape Open

Listen to the album and buy the digital version on bandcamp.